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All where photo regs, easy grow , for beginners to experts , next to no care is need                                                                                 

Blue Devil - Spicy White Devil x Blueberry Skunk 

Deep unknown - unknowns x unknows 

Blue Pineapple - Blueberry skunk x Pineapple Baner

Blue Poison - Blueberry skunk x Durban Poison 

Jacks blue kush- Jack Herer x pure kush xx BBSK

Blue Gorilla - Blueberry skunk x Gorilla Glue #4

Blue Alaskan - Alaskan Haze x Blueberry skunk 

Gorilla Banner - Gorilla Glue x Bruce Banner 

Blue Dragon- Blueberry skunk x Blueberry Kush 

Blue Amnesia - Amnesia haze x Blueberry skunk 

Banner bomb - Bruce banner x Thc Bomb

No longer available 

Blue Pineapple F3: Blueberry skunk x Pineapple Banner 

 Blue Gorilla Pineapple: Blueberry skunk x gg#4 x Pineapple Banner 

Jacks Northern lights kush:Jack Herer x Northern lights #7 x pure kush

Banana Spiders inside Blue Pineapple: Banana spider x Blueberry skunk x Pineapple Banner 

Jacks blue Kush:  Jack Herer x Blueberry skunk  x pure kush

Jacks Pure Blue Pineapple: Jack Herer x Blueberry Skunk x Pineapple Banner 

Blue Pineapple Kump: Blueberry skunk x Pineapple Banner x krump (unknown breeder)

Deep Deep Unknown s2: 

 Big Blue Pineapple:BC Big Bud  x Blueberry skunk  x Pineapple Banner 

Devils Blue Pineapple: Spicy White Devil  x Blueberry Skunk  x Pineapple Banner 

Blue Freedom: freedom cbd x Blueberry skunk 


2021 first drop no longer available 

Og sour diesel crossed with 

Og sour diesel,  cookies, blue devil, gg#4, UK cheese, Encino man, cherry kush, big blue Pineapple , blue Pineapple f3

UK cheese crossed with 

Blue devil , gg#4

Gorilla Glue 4 x Lamb's Breath 

Og Sour diesel x Gorilla Glue 4

Gorilla Glue 4 x Cookies & Creme

Gorilla Glue 4 x UK Cheese 

Again kush & White Rhino ibl

Blueberry skunk x BC Big Bud x Gorilla Glue 4

Trainwreck x Alien OG 

Blueberry skunk x Spicy White Devil x UK cheese 

Romulan 2021 crosses
Romulan 2021 crosses


OG SOUR CHERRY PIE Bx2 ,(Skywalker OG x sour Diesel x cherry pie 

Og sour cherry pie 2 x Gorilla Breath 

Gorilla Whore 2

Romulan space Gum X Gorilla Breath 

Blue Gorilla bx2 (blueberry skunk x Gorilla glue)

Paris OG s1    

Paris OG x Gorilla Breath 

Mendo Breath s1

Sour lemon skunk s1

Good Morning Breath  (gorilla glue x lambs breath xx mendo breath)

Gorilla Breath bx2 (Gorilla Glue x Lambs breath)